Author L. A. Banks in Need




Author L. A. Banks in Need.

Please reach out if you can to help an author who is gravely ill at this time.

Thank you!

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My Way: Bend Over Big Boy (via The Pagan and the Pen)

I’m trying this fo the very first time, and if it goes wrong…blame it on me. I have a bugger of a time figuring out how this wordpress works. You need to be a genius to create the dang thing..*S*

So please read one of the new authors that I discovered through my favorite author Margie Church.
I’ve read a couple of Bryl’s work, and I like it…LOL

But its the topic that caught my eye, as it hits home to those of us lucky enough to have that someone in our lives…..
Please read and leave a comment if you wish…*S*



My Way: Bend Over Big Boy Despite the crudity of the title, I'm actually in a sentimental spirit, and the title just happens to be a big part of the topic I'm hitting today. Life's way too short to worry about who should do what and how and roles and, and, and definitely whether or not any of our choices or circumstances should be anchored to guilt. Not sure about you, but… Life is demanding. Mix in the drone of a mindless job, the fact there're just not enough hours in … Read More

via The Pagan and the Pen

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Trying to get this page going..Please have patience..*S*

Just working at getting this page up and running. I wish to use it for posting about good romance books and their authors that i meet along the way…so this is just a test so to speak until I get it looking hte way I want….*S*


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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